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Awesome Political Ads

Posted on June 25th, 2010 in Entertainment, Politics and Law | No Comments »

I have two fantastic political ads to share. The first is fake, but it’s frighteningly real. The only thing missing is the mandated “I’m so-and-so, and I support this message” quote.

(via Spaf and Political Wire)

The second is a real ad that is, well, also frighteningly real. And extremely funny. Enjoy!

(via Daring Fireball and HuffPo)

John Wooded on TED

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I know this is a rather popular TED Talk that has gotten a lot of links online since John Wooden’s death ten days ago. I am getting it from Michael Graham at Modern Pensées, who got it from The Evangelical Outpost, who probably got it from somewhere else. Regardless, John Wooden was an unbelievable coach, teacher, and Boilermaker. This is a must watch. It’s only about 18 minutes long, so you should be able to fit it in somewhere today.

The Making of OK Go’s Latest Video

Posted on June 7th, 2010 in Education, Entertainment, Music, Technology | No Comments »

If you haven’t seen OK Go’s latest video, it’s an absolute must-see. I tweeted about this when it was somewhat newer, and it holds up as entertaining many viewings later.

I’m posting about the video now because I just stumbled upon an interview with some of the folks that designed the contraption. It turns out that three of them work for NASA JPL:

  • Mike Pauken, Ph.D., a senior thermal systems engineer
  • Chris Becker, a graduate student at the Art Center College of Design and a JPL intern
  • Heather Knight, a former JPL engineering associate (instrumentation and robotics) who is now preparing to start work on a doctorate at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Eldar Noe Dobrea, Ph.D., a planetary scientist working to study landing sites for the upcoming Mars Science Laboratory.

The interview is short and worth reading.